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Live a life full of vitality with
FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic.

  • Multi-model and interdisciplinary team

  • Addresses the root cause(s) of pain

  • Individualized pain, injury and maintenance recovery protocols

"FUEL knows exactly how to target problem areas with the right techniques to ensure a better range of motion and reduce pain."

Shannon R

Living with pain is NOT a natural way of life.

FUEL targets the root causes of pain and and injury.

We work together to address, treat and restore your body back to optimal function and manage your pain. 

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Multiple Locations,
Multiple Frustrations

Juggling appointments at different locations with various practitioners leads to unnecessary stress, miscommunication and inconvenience as you navigate your pain management journey.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Mismatched Treatments,
Missed Relief

Practitioners and treatments need to complement and address your individual pain recovery needs. The breakdown in communication between disciplines can leave you feeling like you're stuck in a cycle of discomfort and without relief.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic


The struggle to find a balance between treating and managing your pain and the false belief that you can't exercise safely without causing more pain and injury.

Specialized and Integrated Approach to Treatment.

FUEL’s practitioners collaborate and coordinate your treatments and recovery protocols, ensuring an effective, comprehensive and complementary approach to addressing your pain and injury recovery management needs. 

Dynamic Treatment Plans.

FUEL’s practitioners tailor your treatment and recovery protocols to meet your evolving needs.  We continuously reassess and adjust our approach to ensure your progress and alleviate your pain.

Tailored Recovery Protocols.

FUEL offers personalized exercise, recovery and maintenance protocols tailored to your specific level, abilities, and progress in your health journey. You will be empowered to safely engage in physical activity.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

"FUEL rolls you out and gets your body moving like it was designed to.
I have tried many practitioners, both in Edmonton and Calgary.
Once you go FUEL you never go anywhere else!"

- Andrea Z

3 Steps to Your Recovery

FUEL lights the way as you carry the torch through your recovery journey.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Step 1

Book your initial assessment and treatment.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Step 2

Continue your pain and injury recovery with FUEL’s interdisciplinary team.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Step 3

Actively practice your recovery and maintenance protocols between appointments.

You'll experience noticeable improvements in your body and your life when you follow your personalized recovery protocol.

Current Services

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Manual Osteopathy

The body is seen as a dynamic unit where structure and internal functions are interconnected. FUEL’s skilled practitioners employ hands-on techniques to address musculoskeletal, visceral, craniosacral and structural imbalances in your body. This restores and promotes full body health and wellness. 

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Massage Therapy

While everyone deserves a little relaxation, FUEL’s approach to massage therapy is to restore the body's optimal functional and movement. We use advanced myofascial release and deep tissue techniques to reorganize connective tissue that can become restricted and lead to pain and injury affecting your daily life. 

Other Services

Coming Soon

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic


This integrative medicine technique involves placement of needles in the skin and tissues at specific points that can alleviate pain and treats various physical, mental and emotional conditions to influence energy flow throughout the body. 

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Chiropractic Care

Experience the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and holistic care. These treatments can alleviate pain and address injury by treating the spine, muscles, and nervous system and optimize your body movement and overall health. 

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic


Our kinesiologists play a key role in developing your personalized rehabilitative, dynamic and functional exercise programs to support your recovery, maintenance and health journey. Through movement analysis and targeted interventions, we optimize your physical function and overall well-being. 

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Mobility and Strength Training

Tailored exercise programs led by our mobility and strength specialists focus on improving movement patterns and building strength. Whether recovering from an injury or seeking to enhance performance, our programs are designed to meet your specific goals.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic


Our licensed physiotherapists utilize evidence-based practices to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiothoracic conditions. From injury rehabilitation to preventive care, our physiotherapy services are designed to enhance your physical health.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Psychology Services

Mental and emotional well-being is an integral part of pain and injury recovery. Our licensed psychologists provide compassionate support, addressing the psychological aspects of your journey and empowering you with strategies to promote resilience and psychological growth.


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