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Welcome to FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic, where expertise meets healing. With more than two decades devoted to patient-centered care, we've evolved into an interdisciplinary clinic.

At FUEL (Function Uniting Energy & Life), we use a holistic approach to health called the biopsychosocial model. This means we consider not just your body, but also your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and social, economic, environmental, and cultural factors when treating pain and injury.


Our goal is to target the root causes of pain and injury and help restore your body's optimal function and balance.
We're committed to providing personalized and comprehensive solutions for pain and injury recovery. We believe in bringing together skilled practitioners from different fields to work collaboratively. This combination of services ensures that you receive effective treatment.
Your journey to recovery begins here at FUEL, where our expertise and compassion come together to empower you to reclaim your health and well-being so you can live a life full of vitality.
"I’ve never had a better body work session. The transformation in my body and reduction of pain is life changing. FUEL will transform your life!”

Denika P.

Discover the FUEL advantage

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic
FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic
FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

Comprehensive Approach

A holistic and integrated approach to therapy and recovery protocols.

Patient-First Care

Individualized treatment plans and empowering patients to lead their recovery journey.

Commitment to Excellence

Dedicated to evidence-based practices, professional development and the pursuit of optimal patient results.


"I have been working with FUEL for more than a decade to treat ongoing soft tissue issues. I appreciate that FUEL works in multiple modalities, and strives to support the whole patient - not just body parts."

- Erin M.

FUEL Pain & Injury Recovery Clinic

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One stop shop for your treatment needs.


15312 90 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB, T5R 4W2

Coming Summer 2024

Limelight Building on 124 Street in Edmonton. Ample parking is available in the area.

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Dedicated professions walking alongside your recovery.


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